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Geoffrey Chatten

Geoffrey Chatten began painting in 1960 and quickly gained a reputation as one of the best impressionist painters of UK landscapes, seascapes and still life flowers. Click below for biography.


Colourful Paintings

Geoffrey is an oil painter with a bright and colourful pallet, when applied with his impressionistic technique the results are wonderfully colourful paintings. Click below for more details.


Friends of Chatten

We are friends of Geoffrey and our aim is to share his affordable artwork with the world. We operate on a not for profit basis. Click below for more info.


Contemporary Oil Paintings

If you love art, you love art. We are here to provide an opportunity to purchase original art produced by the hand of a true artist and gentlemen. We love, completely love, these paintings and are here to share this original, awesome art.

23rd Jan 2013
Nicholas de Lacy Brown - Cityscape-III-Madrid

Contemporary Landscape Artists

landscape artists don’t need to adhere to good old traditional images, here are three modern landscape artists, who approach their art via a variety of media.

21st Jan 2013
Horizon Ocean View – Richard Diebenkorn (1959)

Famous Seascape Paintings – International

From classic to contemporary, here are some of the most famous seascape paintings to be spawned from the inspired brush tips of international artists.

21st Dec 2012
The Raft of the Medusa - Theodore Gericault

Famous Seascape Paintings

Seascape paintings hypnotise audiences with a zest and vigour other genres of art rarely achieve.

19th Dec 2012
Oriental Poppies - Georgia O’Keeffe

Paintings of Flowers

Paintings of Flowers breathe a sense of freshness and optimism into a room. Take a look at some of the most memorable, influential and wholly admired paintings of flowers.

10th Dec 2012
John Constable - Ploughing Scene in Suffolk (A Summerland) (1814)

English Landscape Painters

By boasting such a distinct and beautiful landscape, this country has naturally spawned many great English landscape painters, whose creations expertly encapsulate the beauty of England on canvas.

06th Dec 2012
House and Ploughman Vincent Van Gogh

Landscape Paintings by Famous Artists

From amateurs to the elite, artists of varying talents choose to mimic the beauty of landscapes on the canvas, but who has produced the very best of this highly expressive form of art? Take a look at three of the most influential and widely admired landscape paintings by famous artists.

04th Dec 2012
Mari French - PenwithMoorMariFrench2011

Contemporary Landscape Painters

Since its rise to global esteem, landscape painting has never looked back, whetting a modern-day demand to fill the shoes of Constable, Turner and Gainsborough.

01st Dec 2012

Controversial British Artists and Painters

To shock, to disgust, to offend or simply to cause a reaction: this is the mantra of the contemporary British artist. Indeed, it is the arguably the philosophy of any...