About This Site

We are proud to provide oil paintings for sale from the world renowned artist Geoffrey Chatten. We believe that artists should keep the majority of the income from their artwork and we have designed and delivered this website with that in mind. We are friends of Geoffrey with his best interests at heart and we operate and maintain the website and it’s content on his behalf.

Geoffrey loves painting and is not at all concerned with promoting himself or his art. This site provides an opportunity for you to view and buy his contemporary oil paintings and him the chance to share them with the world.

If you have never bought art before you should know that most affordable artworks are either prints or limited edition replicas. If you buy a print you are buying a photocopy of a painting – and none of the techniques, brush strokes, texture or personality of the paintings are included. If you buy a limited edition replica then you will get a real oil painting, but the painting has most likely been painted by a student of the artist who works in the artist’s studio.

Chatten’s paintings are none of the above. Each original artwork is hand crafted by the artist himself using the techniques and experience he has gained over the past 50 years. He uses oil paint and applies it to a wooden board with brush, brush handle, pallet knife, thumbs, fingers and anything else to hand. I know, I’ve seen him do it!

We strongly believe artists should keep the lion’s share of any profit and so after vat, delivery and overheads are covered the income covered goes straight to the artist. We like to think of this as fairtrade art!

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