Contemporary Landscape Artists

In depicting the physical world around us, the mightiness of the mountains, the verdures of the valleys, the unswerving energy of the sea and the passion of the sky, landscapes are a fondly familiar subject to paint and compelling to observe.

The earliest forms of landscape paintings can be traced back to the Minoan period. In fact many ancient cultures created landscape seccoes and frescoes which served as an extension of nature. By the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries landscape painting was firmly recognised as an independent genre of art.

Landscape art ranges dramatically, from the impressionistic, romantic and idealised, to the highly detailed and realistic. Similar to most forms of art, the world of contemporary landscape art has evolved dramatically in recent years. Contemporary landscape artists now cover a much wider spectrum of media and include, not only those who painted compelling images of nature in a more traditional manner, but also artists who use mediums such as photography, video and even installation work in the environment.

Continuing on the theme that contemporary landscape artists don’t need to adhere to good old traditional images, here are three somewhat avant-garde and experimental modern landscape artists, who approach their art using a variety of media.

Fred Williams

Fred Wwilliams - Beachscape, Erith Island II 1975Fred Williams was one of Australia’s most famous twentieth century abstract landscape artists. He spans a period that heralded in contemporary art from the so called ashes of modernism. Fred Williams’s work is earthy, almost childlike, but contains a quality typical of his native country. Full of blues, reds and ochre’s, you can almost smell the heat and dust emanating from William’s down-to-earth and convincing works.

Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean  - Fatigues 21Tacita Dean is more modern landscape artist, who was nominated for a Turner prize in1998. This experimental English artist uses film to allow the viewer to absorb more than one single variation of an image. In 1999 Tacita achieved notoriety by producing a 63 minute film looking at a solar eclipse from an unusual angle amongst a herd of cows. Tacita thinks of her work as more observational than informative. She calls it the Cezanne Effect, taking something straightforward and making it have seemingly unending depth.

With photographs of temples and atmospheric landscapes of black and white waves, Tacita Dean’s experimental works have been cited as epitomising quirky English landscape art.

Nicholas de Lacy Brown

Nicholas de Lacy Brown - Cityscape-III-MadridNicholas de Lacy Brown is a young aspiring contemporary landscape artist that is beginning to get recognition in Europe.  The up and coming British artist paints in a surreal manner that is reminiscent of Giorgio De Chirico. However his colours are far more vibrant with fantasy landscapes overflowing with images that have no real reason of why they are gathered together. You get the feeling that it is not planned but develops on a whim. Nicholas de Lacy Brown has had no formal training and that comes across in his slightly naive approach, which is part of the appeal of his visually stunning landscapes.

These three contemporary landscape artists are only the tip of the iceberg out of the vast wealth of stunning landscape imagery that is being expertly reproduced on the canvas.


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