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Keith Melling is one of Britian’s leading landscape painters. He uses a variety of mediums and techniques but it is the oil painting made in the traditional way that is his favourite. Keith specialises in Lake District, Dales and Pendle areas. Check out all Keith’s work at:

Matt Bates is an awesome international artist displaying in exhibitions accross the US and Europe. His Cityscapes tell a wonderful story of his time in Firenze and his flower paintings are vibrant and incredibly realistic. His compositions are a wonderful mix of vivid realism with an almost pop-art twist which seem to effortlessly capture a real moment.

Neil Blevins the well known Deviant Art contributor has his own Gallery at Neil Blevins Art Gallery. We love his inspirational work using  a mixture of 3Dsmax, digital image manipulation and painting.  Some of my personal favourites are The Northern Gate, The Reaper IX and The Strongest Survive (rough)

Geoffrey Chatten on other websites

Great Yarmouth Artists - Geoffrey is a member of Great Yarmouth Artists society and has a number of paintings to view on this site.

The Royal Society of British Artists - Geoffrey has been a member of the RBA since 1995  and currently has several landscape and still life paintings on the RBA website, some of which are still for sale.

The Geoffrey Vivis Memorial Award - Geoffrey Chatten’s painting of Dahlias won the Geoffrey Vivis Memorial Award in 2012, the award is listed in the RBA Award winners 2012.

Geoffrey Chatten on the BBC- Two of Geoffrey’s paintings: Great Yarmouth South Pier and Lydia Eva YH89 are featured in the BBC’s Your Paintings collection. These are two wonderful paintings and we think it is fantastic Geoffrey Chatten is getting recognition for his oil paintings on the BBC website.

All Art Links - My art website is listed at All Art Links!

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