Landscape Paintings by Famous Artists

The world’s landscapes are so rich, varied, beautiful and diverse that they are crying out to be recreated by the artist’s paintbrush. Hang a landscape painting of a stunning scene from thousands of miles away and it will bring a room to life, creating a different cultural and aesthetic dimension to even the most mundane of rooms.

It is an ability to relive different places of epic beauty through gazing into a landscape painting that has undoubtedly contributed to landscapes becoming an extremely popular subject and this genre of art being widely admired by art collectors around the world.

From amateurs to the elite, artists of varying talents choose to mimic the beauty of landscapes on the canvas, but who has produced the very best of this highly expressive form of art? Take a look at three of the most influential and widely admired landscape paintings by famous artists.

Mount Sainte-Victoire (1894 – 1900), Paul Cezanne

The legendary French artist and Post-Impressionist painter, Paul Cezanne has been accredited to laying the foundations for an alternative style of art in the 20th century. During the last decade of his life, this truly original artist’s landscape paintings became increasingly simplified, with many of the objects on his landscapes being reduced to shapes, such as cones, spheres and cylinders.

Cezanne became famous for immortalising the panoramic splendour of the Provencal countryside where in lived and no more so than in the painting, Mount Sainte-Victoire.

This truly remarkable landscape painting depicts Mount Sainte-Victoire, which lay to the east of Cezanne’s home in Provence. In fact so famous did Mount Sainte-Victoire become that it has been cited by some as being one of the earliest examples of Cubism.

House and Ploughman (1853 – 1890), Vincent Van Gogh

When talking about landscape paintings by famous artists, the influential Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh does more than merit being mentioned. Van Gogh became renowned for his distinct use of bold colours, rough beauty and emotional honesty.

Van Gogh’s famous House and Ploughman painting epitomises the artist’s emphatic brushwork, striking use of colour, and contoured forms, all of which potently influenced the use of Expressionism in contemporary art.

This stunning painting of a solitary house in a valley carpeted in fields and encircled by mountains utilises the strong use of colour van Gogh became notorious for, conveying a sense of happiness, wellbeing and belongingness.

Water Lilies (1914 – 1926), Claude Monet

Claude Monet is widely considered as being one of the most influential French artists of the nineteenth century. Uniquely capturing the beauty of nature on the canvas, the founder of the French impressionist movement is one of the most prolific landscapists of all time.

Landscape paintings by famous artists don’t come much more eminent than Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. During the latter stages of his life, Monet painted a series of paintings focused on his water lily pond. Incorporating Monet’s signature pastel colours and loose brush strokes, Water Lilies and Monet’s other lily pond works, justifiably became one of the most reproduced images of landscape art.


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