RBA Award Winner 2012

Geoffrey Chatten Dhalias

Friends of Chatten are delighted to announce that Geoffrey Chatten has been awarded The Geoffrey Vivis Memorial Award 2012 by the Royal Society of British Artists.

Geoffrey’s paining of Dhalias received this award earlier in 2012 and the award was announced on the RBA List of Awards 2012 website.

The painting itself is a celebration of light an colour. The warm oranges and reds of the flowers contrast wonderfully with the cooler backdrop of whites and blues. Notice the subtly implied movement of the background material on the right and the light orange highlights in the upper left  compared with the cooler blues on the right. These colour contrasts compliment the shadow of the flowers on the table and suggest high quality light streaming from the left, striking flowers and vase to leave a contrasting dark blue shadow on the right.

In the foreground the eye is immediately drawn to the delicate cloth overhanging the edge of the table. But it it the centre of the painting that really captures the eye. reflections of light off the glass vase play an important role in complimenting and vibrancy of the flowers themselves. The green foliage in the centre demands that the flowers are thrust into your vision and the contrast is well worth it because the interplay of the colours from yellow to orange to deep crimson red compliment each other beautifully to ensure the composition retains a harmony and simplicity that entices the viewer to keep on studying the wonderful image.

In a rare comment Chatten said ” I am honored that my picture has been awarded the “Geoffrey Vivis Memorial Award” this year. I thought the picture was pretty good but ever expected it to win an award. Thank you!”

Understandable this painting sold very quickly however other flower paintings by Geoffrey Chatten are available to purchase on this website and if you would like to enquire about a close replica please contact GeoffreyChatten.com for more information.

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