Seascape Artists and Paintings

There is nothing quite like a beautiful seascape painting to bring calm, tranquillity and serenity to a room. Whether blending the prevailing strength and domination of the sea with the intense composure of the sky or with a bold use of colours and imagination, seascape paintings can tell a thousand stories and compel us to delve deeper into the meaning of the painting.

Being such an intensely beautiful and multi-faceted subject to paint, it is hardly surprising that seascapes remain a popular form of art and there are a myriad of talented seascape painters in existence.

Take a look at some of the best seascape artists and paintings in the contemporary era.

Paul Bennett

In creating exceptionally stunning semi-abstract seascape paintings, artist Paul Bennett irrefutably warrants reference to any literature about seascape artists and paintings. The international recognised British artist is particularly renowned for creating seascapes that are influenced from Britain’s lesser known and more isolated stretches of coastline. Part of the beauty of seascape paintings is that they explore isolation and leave the subject open to interpretation, which Bennett achieves by focusing on Britain’s remote and secluded shores.

Based in London this highly esteemed contemporary artist has a strong online presence and is much-admired within this highly expressive and elusive subject of painting.

Colin Perini

Boasting the largest coral reef complex in the world on one side and the ‘Gold Coast’ on the other, Australia has one of the most diverse, longest and inspiring coastlines in the world. Given the sheer beauty and expressiveness of Australia’s coast, it is little wonder this fascinating country has nurtured some of the best seascape artists and paintings in the world.

Colin Perini, an Australian seascape and landscape painter has more than 30 years’ experience professionally reliving Australia’s wild and exhilarating shorelines on canvas.

Colin Perini is internationally recognised and has sold more than 3000 seascapes and paintings throughout the world. Priding his work with the slogan ‘the art of peace and beauty’, Perini’s work certainly captures the intense serenity of the waves that compels viewers to look deeper into the painting, challenging the boundaries of our imagination.

Fitz Hugh Lane

Capturing the beauty of the sea on canvas is by no means a modern trend as in the nineteenth century painters producing seascapes were gaining recognition and popularity within the world of fine art.

Late nineteenth century artist Fitz Hugh Lane has been regularly cited as being the ‘greatest all-time marine painters’, and one of the most iconic seascape paintings of this era is Fitz Hugh Lane’s “Becalmed off Halfway Rock” (1869). This mesmerising painting depicts a handful of sailing boats surrounding a little rock within a tranquil hue of pink in the background and has been given the privilege of being named as earning a “fundamental importance in composition.”

The hypnotic character of the sea plays on our imaginations and in capturing these profound expressions on canvas, seascape artists and paintings tell a hundred stories, hence the magic of this powerful form of artistic expression.


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