Gorleston Pier

Gorleston Seafront

29″ x 23″ more info on painting sizes
Oil on Board
£800 inc. vat

A spectacular example of Gorleston Pier. Although painted very recently this picture almost feels like it is trasporting you back to the 1920′s. With the ladies in their summer dresses and the gent on the right in his white trousers and trilby one cold easily be in a different century, possibly back in the pier’s hayday.

It is often said that the mark of a good landscape is being able to find multiple scenes in a picture – and this is a prime example! With the focus on the people in the foreground and the pier and boats in the background, the eyes travel on paths too numerous to mention – never resting long and never tiring.

With the  contrasting yellows and blues in the sky and the reflections of the same colours on the deck and in the sea this image has it all. One of my personal favourites.

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